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A disconcerting video has recently come to our attention purporting to show a pig farm of a former Berkeley Dining pork supplier, Seaboard Foods. The video and the allegations made in it are deeply disturbing. While we are examining these allegations, we have advised our meat supplier not to send any Seaboard Foods products. We are actively looking for a different pork provider.

We also have plans to review all of our suppliers in detail to ensure they have an animal welfare certification. We will only work with suppliers whose animal welfare methods are in alignment with best practices and will discontinue our relationship with any supplier if they fail to live up to these standards.

In our campus dining facilities, we prioritize using ingredients that are locally grown, humanely-treated, and environmentally and socially responsible. We are proud of our numerous sustainable and ethical suppliers. We offer a robust offering of vegan and vegetarian options and have shifted our menus to focus on plant-forward cuisine.